Cleaning Multi Channel Fully Automated Wet Etching System 

The C.McFawes wet etching system is a derivat of the R.D.McFawes to offer a cleaning system for quartz boats which are in use in the semiconductor- and MEMS/MST industry. The typical users are  small companies manufacturing small numbers of species .  


So the need  for this users is to be flexible for changing quickly the processes and to be independent from suppliers who offer outsourced cleaning procedures  for quartz boats.  


The C.McFawes has the same footprint as the R.D.McFawes The C.McFawes is much simpler than the R.D.McFawes  but following the same concept: small, compact and flexible. The typical user  wants to ombine a maximum of process flexibility with a minimum of chemical consumption.  


The system can be used in low throughput productionlines for quartz boats wich are used for devices like semiconductors, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), nanosystems or the like, where the nature oft he product or the economics of the manufacturing process prohibit the use of larger batch processing systems. 


CMcFawes is designed to clean quartz boats with a minumum of chemical consumption and  a fast throughput. It is small enough to carry out economically wet cleaning processes   


C..McFawes accepts any chemical that is commonly used in the semiconductor and MEMS/MST industry. There are two sinks wherein the quartz boats are cleaned and rinsed. The chemicals are placed inside  of the system in containers which can be completely exchanged versus containers with unused chemical agents.  


The quartz boats are placed in the sink by a lift which is integrated in the system. For rinsing the boats the system can be either connected with a DI water line or with DI water containers inside the system. The delivery  of the chemical agents and the DI water is made by an integrated inert pumping system  


 The chemical agents are decontaminated either outside by  a central decontamination-system or by an additional decontamination unit which is available as an option.


Multi Channel Fully Automated Wet Etching system for cleaning purposes CMcFawes